• Engineering Expertise

    Our research and development engineers use proven industry and application knowledge alongside latest design technology. Process protocols such as Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) ensure efficient use of resources, while Pro-E and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) provide precision component designs, robust assemblies and rugged products. Additionally our engineering staff conducts comprehensive testing to assure all products and components perform to customer specifications.

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  • Operations: People, Process and Support

    Our manufacturing, assembly, sale and service have decades of individual experience. Employees are the true backbone of PACCAR Winch. They define, measure, analyze, improve and control each process. PACCAR Winch products are supported by an entire department dedicated to providing the best parts, service, and technical support in the industry.

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  • Value: Exceptional Quality and Commitment to the Future

    Exceptional quality is the cornerstone of PACCAR. Design, construction and service are never compromised. PACCAR Winch products are certified for specific applications according to national and international standards.

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What people are saying

  • PACCAR Winch offers great support and trust to TOS as a certified service facility.

    TOS believes that PACCAR is at the top of the game with winch solutions. The Braden winch is top quality and offers reliable solutions to our end users.

    - Jason Foret, Thunder Oil Services
    Using PACCAR Winch products for 15 years

  • PACCAR Winch provides a great product...

    …they go above and beyond to help their customers. PACCAR Winch has impacted our business by providing quality products that stand up to rigorous use. Using PACCAR Winch products has earned us a reputation that helps our business grow. PACCAR provides a great product and impressive customer service that goes above and beyond.

    - Michael Duerr, Aftermarket Parts
    Using PACCAR Winch products for 30 years

  • When reliability is key, we recommend only Braden Winches.

    Commercial Truck Equipment Co. has sold, serviced and installed thousands of Braden Winches over the last 15 years. From light weight utility vehicles to heavy duty recovery equipment, we stand behind PACCAR Winch quality and engineering.                                                                                                                                          

    - Morgan MacKay, Commercial Truck Equipment Co.
    Using PACCAR Winch products for 15 years.

  • The products are excellent quality with superior workmanship...

    ...that perform above and beyond their performance specs in all areas. Product support after the fact, even for obsolete units, is superior. High quality, excellent workmanship, excellent support before, during and after sale of both product and service.

    - Rick Chaffin, Hydradyne, Llc.
    Using PACCAR Winch products for over 18 years

  • Braden hoists are high quality and robust…the optimum solution. 

    PACCAR Braden hoists have allowed us to provide our customers with a high quality product, providing safe operation for their tower hoisting needs. We utilize the API Spec. 2C compliance option with our units to assure personnel can be safely raised and lowered. Our Braden units have also helped us gain new business over competitors.

    - John Spindor, Hydradyne, Llc.
    Using PACCAR Winch products for over 25 years